 To raise awareness of the abundance of spiritual riches and material benefits flowing        from reverent and leisurely meditation upon the prayers of the Rosary.

 To create an environmental sculpture of the Rosary and it's path.

 To encourage the practice of the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy.

 To help save souls by spreading the Gospel by means of both preaching the Word 

    and by imaging the Word through Sacred Art.

 To help the poor and needy.

The Queen of the Holy Rosary Shrine, operating with a Board of Directors are approved by the Government as an official charitable 

not for profit Corporation (CRA Charity

Number 81195 6283 RR 0001). 

And as such we can issue Tax receipts for donations. 

The Chancellor of the Arch-diocese of Toronto has given us approval 

to fund raise in support of the building and installation of the Rosary Path; 

an environmental sculpture dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Queen of the Holy Rosary Shrine is our Corporate name; we operate under the registered name of “The Rosary Path at Marylake”

The Queen of the Holy Rosary Shrine is a life size Rosary forming a meditation and prayer trail immersed in nature. 

The Rosary Beads are joined by a chain linking the path

throughout the installation and serve as meditation stations 

where one can kneel in prayer.

We see this Rosary Path as an ark for people, a place of refuge where one can come to find a safe harbour from their trials and troubles of life, 

hope in their disappointments and fears and a place where faith can be found in a struggling and confused society.

Welcome to our vision of The Rosary Path at Marylake.